The Germans are a happy and innocent people, without deep-seated psychological issues …

I am taking a much-needed 10 day break in Germany, to attend an old player’s wedding and do some comparative research on German hot springs. I’m in Konstanz for five days, enjoying the Bodensee (where Zeppelins were invented), Europe’s largest freshwater reservoir, and then I’m off to Baden-Baden to enjoy the spas, and Tubingen for a bit of romantic old European townage.
The wedding was great and I’ll be doing a blog post on the joys of German weddings later. I love Germany and in general all the Germans I meet are really great, so I’m having a great time. Although I have internet, I’m too busy enjoying myself to do much posting. So for the next 7 days or so, it’s unlikely that this blog will be updated much (though it is Europe, so I may have to take shelter from inclement weather!) When I get back I may also have something to say about Germany as an influence on gaming (I enjoy Warhammer, after all, and it’s largely set in Germany). But for now I’m going to enjoy an extensive collection of German beers, and leave the details for my return to daily life … see you on the other side!