It’s time to turn my attention to describing the powers and effects in the Double Cross game, so today I’m going to attempt to translate the description of the first power in the book, Angel Halo, and some of its associated powers.

You can't escape the light...

With the light as your ally, destroy your enemies

Angel Halo is a syndrome that enables you to change your own body’s refractive properties, or to manipulate and modify light itself.  Also, this ability can produce glowing effects like a jellyfish or a deep-sea squid, and bedazzle people with their radiance; or arrange the wavelengths of light to attack people with a laser beam.  Strengthening the five senses is also a feature of this ability. With perception so strengthened, one can aim correctly and, with the laser attack at its disposal, this is the strongest or nearly the strongest in attack power of all the syndromes. The Angel Halo Syndrome also has a lot of attack methods that use stealth or bedazzlement. Angel Halo is a syndrome which enables one to flourish in any field of endeavour by virtue of its many ways of being used.

Because users of this power can be easily identified by the faint glow that they give off when the effects are invoked, the syndrome has been named “Angel Halo.”


Eyes of God

Maximum Level: 1

Timing: Reaction

Ability: Perception Difficulty type: opposed
Target: Self Range: Close (same engagement)
Corruption: 2 Restrictions: None

Effect: You use all your senses to avoid an attack. You are able to effect a dodge using your ability check for this effect.

Bedazzling Radiance

Maximum Level:1

Timing: Major Action

Ability:Renegade Control Difficulty type: Opposed
Target: Any Range: Sight
Corruption:2 Restrictions: None

Effect: Using a pattern of glowing lights, you hypnotize your opponent and reduce their movement ability. Make a ranged attack, and if you hit your target receives the distracted bad status effect.

Flash sprint

Maximum Level: 3

Timing: Minor Action

Ability: None Difficulty type: Unchallenged
Target: Self Range: Self
Corruption: 1 Restrictions: None

Effect: Deceiving your opponents with a weak flash, you can move while they’re off their guard. Make a combat movement, and with this movement you are able to disengage, and you can move through other engagements without having to enter them, or being affected by them. You can use this power a number of times equal to your level in any one scene.

Blessing of the Lord

Maximum Level: 3

Timing: Minor Action

Ability: None Difficulty type: Unchallenged
Target: Self Range: Self
Corruption: 2 Restrictions: None

Effect: This effect gathers radiance inside your body, and amplifies it before its release. Combine this effect with another Angel Halo effect, and you can add your level to the number of dice you use for the other effect.

Eyes of Crystal

Maximum Level: 3

Timing: Major action / reaction

Ability: Perception Difficulty type: None
Target: Any Range: Any
Corruption: 2 Restrictions: None

Effect: This effect quickly projects a scene like a mirage before your eyes. Add your level in dice to an ability check used in combination with this effect.