Office of Forward Planning




Commanders, Forward Scouts and Captains

Albany Region

The Americas


3rd September 1755



Strategic Action Notice 1-864-7A


Re: Plans for enactment of First Ritual of Death

All soldiers are to be in place for the ritual on the evening before our associates commence their attack on the Government offices. Timing and Force Protection are key issues in the effective application of Demonic force in this context, and this Strategic Notice describes in detail the necessary procedures required to maximise the effect of the ritual.




In any Major Infernal Application, appropriate timing of all actions is essential. Should our associates under Washington fail to achieve military success, the ritual will be invoked from Newfoundland. You should expect that there will be a delay of approximately 1 hour between notification being received at the Newfoundland HQ of failure to achieve military objectives, and full application of the Infernal energies. During this hour it is essential that your soldiers act to gain control over the key strategic points described in Schedule 1.


It is expected that there will be considerable disruption of normal activity during the ritual, due to the sudden death of most mortals in Albany; to ensure smooth continuity of Iron House activity in the area, all Commanders need to move their forces to the locations designated in Schedule 1 within 1 hour of the Regional Director providing Notification of Intent to Invoke.


We do not expect Washington to be able to maintain Military Cohesion during the period of Infernal Application, primarily due to the Pervading Terror, inability of ordinary mortals to Maintain Sanity, and inefficient distribution of Force Protection to inferior troops amongst the militia. However, smooth function needs to be maintained immediately after the ritual, so it is essential that you achieve the locations described in Schedule 1 as quickly as possible.


Force Protection

All soldiers of the Iron House are to be issued 1 (one) Infernal Protective Amulet (IPA). Soldiers should be notified of the following:


–       IPA use is mandatory

–       IPA protect only against the Infernal ritual to which this SAN pertains

–       IPA will not be replaced: trade or loss of an IPA will result in significant costs (Death)


Usually, loss of Iron House issued equipment is punishable by death. Do not waste valuable resources on punishing such indiscretions in this instance: death is inevitable.


Failure to implement appropriate Force Protection measures, and in particular, failure to pre-locate in the locations described in Schedule 1, is a serious disciplinary matter punishable by demotion and, where necessary, banishment to the Netherworld.


Schedule 1: Key Locations to secure in the event of Infernal Application

[lists obvious locations of military importance which need to be protected from looting, loss of control, etc]



Authorising agent: Alastair Crow


Overseeing power: William de Bouverie, 1st Earl of Radnor