Alastair Crow

Court Mage



United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland



George Washington

8 Albany Place





5th July 1755


Re: Proper measures for the management of local populations

Dear Mr. Washington


I am writing to you to confirm your interest in enacting a programme of population management in the area of Albany and, hopefully, across the Americas. I have been led to understand that some residents of the Americas who might be considered allies of yours have been occasionally remiss in their support for proper population measures, and are not completely on board with the goals of the Iron House in this regard. I would like to assure myself that these concerns are not felt by your or your own senior commanders, and that you are not allowing “out-of-mission” concerns to cloud your thinking in respect of key mission objectives.


As you know, my own senior management team have given me certain Key Performance Indicators to which I must conform in my dealings in the Americas; and that these KPIs are not just more readily facilitated by expeditious management of Native Population Issues, but actually require that I neutralise unnecessary sentient obstacles to achieve certain demographic goals. In previous letters you have indicated that you share these demographic goals, but I would like to gain your assurance that you will act with all due haste to meet the Population Management Objectives we have previously discussed.


In addition to enabling me to meet the terms of some of my KPIs, effective elimination of locally-based opposition will significantly hasten achievement of core strategic objectives for both parties. I hope we can achieve synergy in this matter, though as ever my Senior Management Team have indicated a willingness to step in where your own resources prove inadequate. I believe we both wish to minimise disruption to Senior Management Team schedules, as a failure to leave strategic resources of this sort untapped will be considered in my annual performance review and will undoubtedly affect your benefits at An Indeterminate Future Point. To this end I would like your assurance that you are devoting maximal resources to progress mutually agreed project outcomes.



Alastair Crow