Having slain an Infernal Remade Chimaeric Assassin, the characters visited a cheap infernalist and his houri in Albany, where they discovered that:

  • they would need to find an infernalist in New York to identify the source of the brass components of the beast
  • The white substance in its arms and ribs was dragon bone
  • every dragon knows every other dragon and can identify every dragon’s bone
  • There is a dragon in Greenland

Anna Labrousse pointed out that, using Miss Cora Munro’s eagle hunting herb and their dragonbone, the characters could invade the mind of a dragon and perhaps control or calm it.

With this lunatic plan in mind, they set off for Greenland.

Deciding on the way to pursue further sources of information on their recently deceased Infernal Remade Chimaeric assassin, the characters travelled by ship to the sea near New York, and from there were dispatched in a longboat to New York. Unfortunately they were spied at the harbour mouth by two remade British wizards and their Grindylow attack beast, and a brief battle ensued. The wizards, fully submerged, initially proved a difficult target, but after some cunning conjuring of monsters, and once Father David Cantrus had shown one of them the promise of hellfire to come, they were subdued. Also, Russell Ganymede was under the boat in his Cancer Labora armour, and tore the Grindylow apart with a single flick of his enchitinised arm. The Grindylow, a 5m long crocodilian monstrosity with semi-humanoid head and massively-muscled arms, sank to the sea floor in several pieces.

From there the characters alighted at New York and went seeking a suitable infernalist. This nameless chap had moved from his dockside warehouse to a smaller, cosier haunt below a bar on Manhattan Island. The characters found him there and spoke with him at length, learning only that the Fleur-de-lys with the characters SPM was not from France, but from Sheffield Precision Machinery in Sheffield, a company which produces clockwork and brass items for infernal industry.

Their assassin was English. But why? Perhaps the best way to find out would be to find the organisation which made it – and their second best clue was a suicidal conversation with a dragon in Greenland. So, off to Greenland they went, in their appropriately named ship, Inappropriate Response.