Mr. Smelthy

The messenger is not, as you suggest, yours to call upon. It is very clearly established that the messenger is not, in fact, NWFC property at all, but constitutes a private arrangement between the French and our friends in Albany. We are able to use the messneger on such occasions as we have a message of desperate importance to deliver to the French, but the messenger is sent by our and with their permission.

The messenger only delivers messages to a single, agreed location, in Mohican territory – it is near a disused monster cave on the Northwest road, whose necromancer occupant was cleared away just prior to the French and Indian war. Of course the messenger does not take the road, but it is an agreed focus point for the communication method it uses.

To invoke the messenger, you need to proceed through the tunnel beneath the headquarters, and ask Monsieur Lombard in the trading house there to take your preferred message directly to Madame Custis. She will assess its worth and then pass it on to Washington, or invoke the messenger herself.

Again, I must impress upon you that this messenger is not in our service and its sole purpose is for our friends to send urgent messages to their allies to the North West. Do not even attempt to use this service frivolously, as the cost to you will far outweigh the cost for us. We remain

Yours &c

The Senior Partners

Northwest Frontier Company

New York