Having learnt of the nefarious entanglement of genocidal colonials, French troops and the supposedly British Northwest Frontier Company, the characters decided to investigate the offices of the most vulnerable of the triad – the NWFC – in Albany, and see what they could find.

The NWFC offices consisted of a two-storey warehouse in the docks, the upper storey of which fronted onto a normal street, and the rear of which opened onto the docks. The characters spied out the front and discovered a single guard standing by, with perhaps more inside. Fearing that there might be more guards below, or worse, they decided – after some planning – that the best approach would be to knock the guard unconscious and send in Anna Labrousse in his form. This was easily accomplished, with Dave Black dragging the unconscious guard into a back-alley for further “investigation”. Anna Labrousse entered through the main door, with Lord Merton St. Helier invisible beside her in support.

Inside she found a room with some more guards, which she and Merton passed through into a larger room full of storage boxes. From here, stairs led down into the lower level of the warehouse. Rather than descend directly, Anna and Merton passed back into the guardroom and between them destroyed the guards, combining Anna’s Garden of Proserpine and Merton’s lethal weaponry.

The remainder of the party entered the warehouse then, and they descended the stairs. Unfortunately, down below they were attacked by a Myrmidon, but this time they were prepared and slew it in short order. Relatively uninjured, they headed from the main storage room where the remains of the Myrmidon lay and into the offices of the NWFC head trader. Finding a room obviously hastily abandoned, and a closed door on its far side, the characters ran forward. Russell Ganymede foolishly opened the door without checking for the room’s contents, and as the door opened a hideous, swirling, ghostly form burst forth. This ethereal beast plunged through Ganymede and killed him where he stood, sucking his soul away to an eternity of fiery torment. The characters stood aghast for a moment, and then charged forward and struck the beast dead with their magic weapons and spells.

Beyond Ganymede’s lifeless, drained corpse lay a small waiting room, and on its far side cowered the NWFC trader. The characters trussed him up and searched the room, finding some letters, trade manifests, and a tunnel which lead to a nearby French trader’s offices. The strange ethereal beast had been hiding in this tunnel, which was covered with a sheet of paper painted with the same symbol as the characters had found in the chest on the French boat. The NWFC trader was also wearing the same symbol, which must obviously protect its wearers from the predations of this strange new hellish beast. The beast itself resembled in every one of its particulars the kind of beast which are summoned whenever Father Cantrus invoked his Angel of Death spell, though this beast was obviously of demonic origin.

Upon searching the storage room, the characters found crates of the small amulets which they had found on the Unfortunate Lapse of Discipline. There were sufficient amulets to protect a large fighting force and their families from the predations of the strange angels of death. An interesting pointer to things to come…