1.    Captain’s Log

The Captain’s log reveals that the Unfortunate Lapse of Discipline is a ship based in New France, which makes regular trips between New France and various unregistered stopping points along the East Coast of America. It doesn’t give details about the cargoes, but does occasionally mention passengers, or give reference to sensitive cargo. It was requisitioned about a year ago.

The Captain has several connections in Albany, the most obvious being Madame Custis’ Wizard Harnock, who (it turns out) was escorting La Belle Dame Sans Merci to the Coast, and so is now dead. The captain would receive letters from Harnock, and occasionally met him incognito in the Albany Offices of the North West Frontier Company. His main connections in Albany were registered French traders, who could deal with him without arousing suspicion.

One such trader has a tunnel leading from his warehouse to the offices of the North West Frontier Company. It is rumoured to be guarded by “something ferocious”. The Tunnel was dug by the NWFC.

The Captain’s log confirms that the Cancer Labora Armour was obtained from the NWFC (with the wry additional comment “of course”).

The Captain knows of the Irish mercenaries on Newfoundland but has only been there once to collect them, and doesn’t want to go back. Their presence on Newfoundland is seen as a necessary evil and it’s not clear why they’re there. Newfoundland appears to have been purchased from the Scottish Government by an organization called The Iron House. Presumably the mercenaries and the House are connected.

The Unfortunate Lapse of Discipline was commandeered for use in New France a year ago, and it is clear from entries throughout the Captain’s Log that he is not comfortable with what he has seen. Particular examples of his discomfort are:

  • The NWFC seems to have a lot of infernal technology with which he is unfamiliar, and he is uncomfortable with it
  • He has clear impressions from the colonials he has met that they intend to deal  out mass slaughter in America, to drive the British out and to eliminate Indians
  • The French have been forced to make compromises with shady organizations and individuals they “would not normally spit on” in order to protect their position in America, because they cannot spare forces from Europe to protect their colonies. These compromises have meant, for example, allowing a sinister force to establish itself on Newfoundland, tolerating a colonial independence project which is likely to lead to many natives fleeing to New France, and being willing to imagine the creation of “an independent kingdom where now stands New Britain”
  • The Captain makes it clear that some of his correspondents in France are very uncomfortable with this, and think the long-term consequences of French game-playing in America could be devastating. But they are too concerned with “the difficult position of the French King” to act
  • At least some of the secret movements of the Unfortunate Lapse of Discipline have involved delivering military hardware and small contingents of marines and elite forces in disguise to key British cities, where they are being hidden by the colonials in anticipation of an imminent  uprising.

2.    Letter from Madame Custis

Dear Captain laroge

Thank you for making your ship available to me at such short notice. As you know, your friend and sometime companion Miss Merciless will be heading downriver from Albany this evening, and aims to reach the coast at one of our established collection points within 3 days. She will be accompanied by some of our mutual friends from Newfoundland. If you value your responsibilities to your country and to an old friend, you will move your ship with all haste to the North Stones 3 collection point, and prepare to meet her. I have no reason to believe that her escape is known to anyone but myself; however, it would be wise to come ashore in force, for recently our plans have been foiled by some loyalists.

I should warn you, matters are beginning to come to a head, and I cannot spare the energy at this time to defend your old friend. I suggest you spirit her to safety as quickly as you can, and then prepare yourself for that for which every military man is born. I promise you, that what happens from here shall be written in the history books of 2 continents, in blood. Until that fateful day I remain

Your &c,

M. Custis

3. A small crate

which contains a set of pendants (sufficient for the crew plus the full complement of marines on board) with the following symbol:

who would wear this?

and a single note, which states

“ Wear in the event that the Northern Skies glow Infernal, or Washington is captured”