Having learnt all they can from la Belle Dame sans Merci about the sinister plans of the various factions involved in the New World – and perhaps learnt of a few new factions besides – our heroes find themselves on the horns of a familiar dilemma: who should they slaughter next?

Knowing as they did that there was much evidence to implicate Washington and his ilk in schemes most sinister, some of the group were all for a return to Albany, thereupon to raid the offices of the Northwest Frontier Company and, hopefully, uncover evidence of everyone’s treachery. Others were in favour of capturing the ship which had been sent to rescue la Belle Dame sans Merci, for surely therein would be found yet more incriminating evidence linking the French to Washington and Madame Custis. After debate had ranged far and wide over many topics, and no decisions had been made, our heroes settled on their usual solution to all such quandaries – they decided to head for the closest enemies, and kill them all.

Thus they found themselves on a windswept beach, where la Belle Dame sans Merci had been intended to be collected by her French saviours. They could see the ship approaching, its glittering lights sweeping in fast over the dark waters. With barely a moments’ indecision they came to a rapid decision to gain access to the ship by subterfuge rather than violence. Rendering la Belle Dame sans Merci unconscious with a swift spell, they garbed themselves in the clothes of her now dead guards, and Anna Labrousse disguised herself as their leader. They waited for la Belle Dame’s rescuers, ready to bluff their way onto the ship.

The ship swept to a halt some hundred yards out from shore, and soon 2 rowing boats swept in on the breakers. As they neared shore a single massive armoured form leapt down from each longboat and hauled it through the surf to the shore. Barely used to Myrmidons, the characters were shocked to discover that their French adversaries also possessed a kind of hugely infernally enhanced body armour, like a carapace, which could move through water with the facility of a crab, and which could haul massive weights. Within that Myrmidon-like shell a French elite commando waited to tear them limb from limb. And from each boat emerged 8 more men, carrying rifles and lightly armoured in the fashion of French marines. Had our heroes prepared a frontal assault they would by now be just wasted flesh and bloody spindrift.

Fortunately, however, the characters were in disguise. There on the windswept and desolate beach they soon talked their way aboard ship, claiming to be la Belle Dame sans Merci’s protectors, and no way were they going to leave their injured charge now, dammit! And so they found themselves taken as passengers to their target, the ship Unfortunate Lapse of Discipline, which was aptly named indeed considering their means of egress.

An Unfortunate Lapse Indeed...

An Unfortunate Lapse Indeed...

Once aboard, the characters waited for their hosts to shuck their host armour and head below, secured la Belle Dame sans Merci’s inert body, and then set about another fine round of slaughter. Waiting until the majority of the soldiers were below, they sealed the entrance to the hold and cast a spell to paralyse the soldiers on deck. Their followed a vicious battle, in which the characters had to force their way below decks against the mass gunfire of the marines, take on the Captain, and were ultimately charged from behind by a group of enterprising marines who had used grappling hooks to escape the slaughter belowdecks. Dave Black was nearly killed in this last rousing charge, but the characters prevailed and at the end of a good couple of minutes’ hard work stood atop the blood-slicked decks of their new possession, the light Corvette Unfortunate Lapse of Discipline, her dead complement of marines, her two cannon, her (living, and cowed) crew, and all the secret plots which she contained.

All that remained was a decision on what to do with her…