The Core Mechanic has a post up about the things he does when he is DMing, which is a  good thing to learn from others. I do quite a few of the things he does, but here is my list of noteworthy things I do:

  • drink beer, eat takeaway, not always pizza
  • railroad PCs (ah the power) but not often
  • Force a player to recap the previous session at the beginning
  • Do long-winded descriptions, interruptions of which are strongly discouraged
  • Do epic campaigns which often fail to deliver
  • Make up new plotlines on the fly
  • Speak in character (i.e. accents and speech style)
  • Tell players straight-up if they can’t do something
  • Shades of grey – no-one in my campaign is necessarily evil or good
  • Make it all up as I go along
  • Steal shamelessly from movies, comics and other rpgs

Seems like a fairly normal list of sins to me…