The characters now spent considerable time discussing their next move. Much of this time was spent discussing what to do with the laboratory. Should they destroy it, or use it to research a cure for the plague, or steal it and  have a genocide-plague-inducing machine of their very own? Decisions were not made, but it was clear that they did not have the research skills to do it themselves, so they must ship it back to Albany along with the remains of a Myrmidon. They chose to ship it to Miss Cora Munro, the only person in Albany they considered both trustworthy and intelligent.

The characters also discussed extensively the serious concern that perhaps the French and the colonials were working together, and had duped the Northwest Frontier Company into helping them. Is there any depth of sinister plotting to which Washington would not stoop? Father Cantrus was further enraged and encouraged to, in his quaint Irish vernacular, “gank” the famous colonial hero.

Washington, however, being nowhere to be found, the characters decided to instead visit Foul-Mouthed Jacques in nearby Thorntown, “gank” his guards, and interrogate him as only Dave Black can. They headed straight to Thorntown, Brian the Woodman and Dave Black being now partially healed by dint of the powerful effect of eating human hearts, and arrived in time for dusk. Setting watch on Jacques’ warehouse they soon discovered him inside with David Williamson, late of the now sepulchral Thorn Lodge. There was also strong evidence of 2 Myrmidons in a crate, and 2 elite guards.

The characters’ plan was very simple. Father Cantrus knocked on the rear door of the warehouse, pretending to be a drunk looking for the tavern, and in the distraction Russell Ganymede and Brian the Woodman would creep through the front entrance, so that Ganymede could try and use his infernalism to take control of one or both of the packaged Myrmidons. First, however, Ganymede used a summoned demon to seal Jacques and Williamson inside the upstairs office of the building. They would then be easily able to destroy their opponents. Should that fail, Ganymede would die horribly while the remainder of the group fled.

Battle was joined, Ganymede failed to control the construct, and horrid violence ensued. Father Cantrus did indeed run away, and in the heat of battle Williamson could be heard cursing and then shooting foul-mouthed Jacques so as to prevent him talking to his enemies. The characters did manage to destroy both the Myrmidon and the two elite soldiers, though they came perilous close to being totally overrun; and in the end they cut Williamson down as he attempted to escape. Father Cantrus just managed to save the life of foul-mouthed Jacques, and they found themselves in full possession of all his documents, and his wide-eyed person. Whatever would Dave Black do next…?