We last left our characters hidden in the forest, looking upon a small stone building whose door was guarded by two Myrmidons. Now we find them moving in for the kill, with Lord Epsom St. Helier walking forward trying to bluff his way past the Myrmidons, and Dave Black creeping up through the shadows behind him. Unfortunately Lord St. Helier’s attempts at bluffing the password did not work, and the nearest Myrmidon attacked. The other Myrmidon attacked Dave Black, cutting him down with a massive blow to the chest which left him dying where he fell.

Battle was joined immediately and ferociously. The Myrmidon proved themselves both tough and fast, both having some kind of high-speed semi-teleportation mechanism which enabled them to close on distant foes with dizzying speed. This speed enabled one of them to cut down Brian the Woodsman, and Father David Cantrus was at his wits’ end rushing around the battle trying to prevent the Myrmidon’s victims from dying. Fortunately Brian’s spectral hound managed to finally bring down one of the Myrmidons, and Russell Ganymede the other. At the cost of only 2 of their number hors de combat, the characters were able to break through the door and into the small building.

Inside the building they found the source of the plague infecting the Indians, a strange Infernal device which turned mild toxins into a potent plague-source, and dumped it into the river which fed many of the downstream Indian villages. They removed the chemicals and poured most of them into the river, temporarily preventing the plague spreading, but kept sufficient amounts to enable them to research a cure for the plague (or to develop a plague which could target a different race or group of people) with sufficient research.

Our heroes then found a tunnel leading back to the house, and took it even though 2 of their number would be able to do little more than watch any battles. The tunnel led – unsurprisingly – to the wizard’s study, but Dave Black was seen by the wizard when he peered through the tunnel entrance, and battle was joined. The characters quickly killed the wizard, though he blew Russell Ganymede out of the window, but within moments all 50 of the Chalet’s guards came pouring up the stairs. The characters were forced to separate, with Russell Ganymede and Brian the woodman running to the main gates while Dave Black, Lord St Helier and Father Cantrus fled or limped back down the tunnel to the lab. These three, upon reaching the lab, barricaded the tunnel entrance with crates and boxes and prepared to sell their lives dearly.

Meanwhile, Russell Ganymede and Brian the Woodman waited in the silent dark outside the gates for Magua, who they realised must be their only hope. He took some time to show, however, and by the time he emerged from the darkness behind Ganymede, soldiers were charging across the yard towards them. Ganymede explained the situation rapidly and before he realised they were there, Magua’s entire warband of 10 braves was speeding into the Chalet grounds, whereupon they cut down the pursuing soldiers. They charged to the house, Ganymede and the Woodman doing their best to keep up. Upon entering the main hall, Brian the Woodman found himself face to face with two snipers on the stairs. This pair were cut down by tomahawks from behind, which flew straight and true across a wide distance and buried themselves in the wall behind their eviscerated victims, before flying back through the air to the savages who had hurled them. From there it was up the undefended stairs and into the tunnel down which the characters had disappeared, and a hectic flight through the darkness towards the lanterns of the distant soldiers, and the pounding of their boots and shoulders on the door to the lab.

As the Mohicans approached the door Ganymede and Brian could see it was partially battered open, and Lord St. Helier’s pistols could be heard loud in the hallway as he desperately shot down anyone foolish enough to place themselves in the way. But before the door could collapse the Mohican descended upon the soldiers, and in several minutes’ thick brutality they hacked their adversaries to bits. The characters were able to emerge from the cover of the door just in time to hear the cries of the last of the dying soldiers, and to be presented with the still-beating hearts of their victims. These they duly ate, of course, for one does not refuse a gift from a battle-bloodied mohican brave, no matter its gristly horror.

Once the battle was done and their breath (and courage) regained, the characters explored the lab and the wizard’s room. They uncovered several clues to dastardly plots:

  • A book of experimental results from the development of the machine, which would be of some assistance in researching the machine
  • A set of notes taken from the wizards room, also covering experiments but much more poorly kept  and not of the same quality as those used in producing the machine
  • Evidence that the Myrmidons were delivered by the North West Frontier Company, an ostensibly British company, via Foul-mouthed Jacques (a French trader)

The characters discovered Foul-Mouthed Jacques has a warehouse in town, and proceeded to disembowel him…