Do Japanese cats understand cats from Australia?  Is feline a universal language? Do they understand “get off there you bastard” in any language? This birthday card from my cat to me shows he speaks the language of his household , though hiragana are visible if you squint. Perhaps he is bilingual but lacks the manual dexterity for kanji?

Note also the single cat biscuit under the ribbon. Who says cats  can’t feel love?


The characters were wooden, the setting not credible

What beast do they seek? What monstrosity this way came…?


Woe to you oh earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast with wrath


About a month ago, our little foundling Arashi chan finally recovered from his severe car-related injuries, and I present to the world this picture as proof that his recovery has been spiritual as well as physical. He’s not so little anymore, and definitely not so immobile…

Found on the street in front of my house, an alley cat with two broken legs.

Big Eyes Small Leg

The leg in this picture has a compound fracture, the bone completely severed and moved around inside. He spat and hissed a lot, but once I got him by the scruff he gave in.

Alley Cat Power... NULLIFY!

I think he was injured by a car after he dashed from cover during the storm that happened that day (I found him just after the storm), so we called him “arashi” (嵐), Japanese for Storm.Currently he can’t run, but drags himself along at the speed of lightning with his mashed up back legs flipping and dragging on the ground. I love cats, I couldn’t bear to see a kitten like that, so I took him in.

The vet said that he would be fine without any surgery, would learn to run on three legs (one leg is not really badly broken) and would be able to scavenge food with no problem. But until his leg heals, he is a likely victim of crows. I can’t stand the thought of a cat I walked past being eaten alive by crows, so he got the surgery required to rejoin the bits of his legs. 40,000 yen ($AUS500) later, he survived, and no phone call from the vet, so I presume that means no internal injuries. He spits and hisses and doesn’t like people, so if he doesn’t fit in as a house cat we’ll get him desexed and let him go. Otherwise, we’ll try and keep him.

As an interesting aside, between my kickboxing fight and the trip to the vet, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to talk about smashing things, hitting things, attacking things, and being injured. My recent role-playing efforts qualified me adequately for these conversations – injury, attack, enemy, bruise, broken, wound, etc. are all words I learnt for role-playing. Survival, living, dying … the material of role-playing games is the material of a 3 month old alley cat’s world.

Handy when I visit the vet, but not so great for poor arashi-chan!


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